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6 Week Course
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October 5 2017
Specific for ADD
Class 1 Introduction


  • Learn how to identify you or your child’s starting point (point A).
  • Find out the power of WHY.
  • Building a compass with a new purpose filled point B.


  • Developing guidelines: A Do’s and Don’ts list.
  • Develop new rituals that helps achieve a new purpose filled direction.
  • The Biology of Belief: Consistency is the KEY to developing new brain patterns.


  • Learn how food can be your medicine.
  • The essentials of an ADD/ADHD diet.
  • The percentage diet.


  • Build lifestyle habits for success.
  • Exercises for the brain.
  • Learn techniques to control a Race Car Brain.
 This is a unique, experiential opportunity to explore the basics for higher living. Never have you been given a course of study to guide your life in such a manner that covers all areas of your life while providing practical steps that you can begin to actualize within the first week. This course will motivate you to look at your life in a WHOLE new way.  I have lived with anxiety and ADD for my whole life. It wasn’t until I had mentors come in to my life and show me how to organize my thoughts and actions to become more productive and less anxious in EVERY area of my life.
You will find that you will hold yourself accountable for attaining goals you’ve kept on the back burner for years and unlock a potential that you didn’t even know existed! You will be inspired to accesses your dreamer to envision how you want your life to unfold and how to set attainable and passionate goals.
We will examine our current reality and beliefs toward health, relationships, and prosperity and align them with greater awareness and purpose.
A commitment to Lifestyle University will take your understanding of your life to a new level and will teach you how to put yourself in the drivers seat to start living the life you deserve.

Lifestyle U


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