Learn How to Succeed with the Gluten Free Challenge

Tips to Success:

1.) The key to this challenge is to simplify– eat natural, whole foods. Regular healthy meals with loads of salad greens and vegetables prevail.

2.) Most supermarkets will have a specific gluten free section. Please try not to be enticed by all of the packaged cookies, cake mixes, etc. They are loaded with sugar. There are some wonderful substitution options – so take some time to see what is out there. We have provided lists of specific items carried by various markets.

3.) The book “Living Gluten-Free for Dummies” by Danna Korn provides a simple yet comprehensive overview with lots of tips and meal ideas.

4.) Water, water, and more water! Half of your body weight in ounces. Need we say more?

5.) Take some time to prepare. Go to the market armed with lists, and read labels. Always take gluten-free snacks /meals along with you so you won’t have to resort to grabbing a sandwich on the fly…

6.) Be patient and expect that you will mess up from time to time! We have all said..” forget it” and have just ate the hamburger with a bun or a yummy danish that was calling our name! Just start over and keep plugging along. Going gluten free is fun and worth the efforts:)

7.) Enjoy all of the delicious, healthy food that you are putting into your body, and celebrate knowing that you are doing something wonderful and good for yourself!