Snacking Options

GLUTEN-FREE Meal ideas


Egg Scramble with onions & cheese (any aged cheese like cheddar or swiss) with Sliced tomatoes and cucumbers on the side. May also serve with pan roasted potatoes if desired.

Toast… Gluten Free Almond Toast (Brand Food For Life Product Name Rice Almond Bread)

Hard boiled eggs with sliced pepper rings and fresh fruit (1/2 cantalope or ½ grapefruit)

*If you are watching cholesterol, slice eggs lengthwise, remove yolk and replace with hummus. (check packaged hummus to make sure it is gluten free).

Gluten-free cereal with almond, rice or soy milk and fresh fruit bowl or other fruit. Puffed Rice is an option(check label to make sure it is GF)

Greek yogurt (plain) with raw honey and berries. (frozen blueberries, raspberries & strawberries) and some gogi berries for a healthy start. You may top with GF granola if desired.

Breakfast burrito-Scrambled eggs & veggies wrapped in GF corn tortilla.

Breakfast smoothies: You can use plain Greek yogurt, almond milk or rice milk as a base. Add crushed ice, frozen berries, banana, mango, gogi berries and sweeten with honey

Crust-less quiche or frittatas are other good choices and can either serve the whole family or can be used over a few days.

Gluten free breads are available in most supermarkets, usually found in the frozen section. (Food for Life brand Rice Bread is one) They taste best when toasted.

Lunch Ideas:

Salads are a terrific lunch idea and can be very versatile.

Try a variety of lettuces, arugula, bok choi, or spinach as a base and add whatever veggies you like: tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, sliced colorful peppers, broccoli, green beans, radishes, beets, mushroom, olives or onion.

Add in; beans – black, kidney or garbanzo (chick peas), fruit – fresh or dried (raisins or dried cranberries or cherries) and top with nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts) and cheese if desired. Salads can also be topped with sliced chicken or steak (remember last night’s leftovers), grilled fish or canned tuna.

Be creative – there are so many wonderful choices – you can have a different salad every day and not get bored!

For salad dressings, please check packaged dressing labels carefully to ensure they are GF. (make sure they do not contain emulsifiers or gluten stabilizers) Olive Oil & either balsamic or organic apple vinegar make a great and healthy dressing. You can whisk in some raw honey or maple syrup & season with salt & pepper if desired.

Chili with GF corn chips is another great lunch choice for a cold January day. Make a big batch on Sunday to have for the week.

Dinner Ideas

Simple, healthy meals work best when going gluten-free:

Any grilled or baked, marinated fish served with a large portion of veggies and baked sweet potato. (check labels on all prepared marinades – many contain gluten. You may want to make marinades from scratch).

Are you a ‘steak & potatoes’ kind of person? Go for it! (as a treat) But please add a huge helping of veggies!

Any chicken or pork dish (prepared without bread crumbs – or substitute GF crumbs) with vegetables and rice (or rice pasta, quinoa or buckwheat).


Veggie sticks (carrots, cucumbers, celery, pepper, zucchini), cherry tomatoes with Hummus dip.

All fresh fruit

Nuts & dried fruit – almonds, walnuts, gogi berries – there are many trail mix varieties out there (gone nuts and others) or get creative and make your own mix.

Rice Cakes – Quaker Oats has a variety of flavors – they are yummy, quick, easy & filling (and satisfy the “crunch urge” Try topping with raw creamed honey or nut butter (ie raw almond butter).

Nut bars – like earthling organics, Lara bars, many others. Just check labels first!