30 Day Gluten Free Challenge Sign up

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First all will be on Sunday January 7th.

7th Annual Gluten Free Challenge
Thank you for joining us, if you are receiving this email then you have signed up for our annual 30 Day Gluten free challenge. By making the commitment to start 2016 off gluten free you are going to take your health and wellness to a whole new level. I will guide you through the process of eating gluten free through the next 30 days. This will be done from the comfort of your own home using online tools and weekly accountability calls.
Here is how it will work.
Mark your calendar for the following Webinar dates.

Sunday, January, 7 @ 6:30 Gluten Free Call # 1
Sunday January, 14 @ 6:30 Gluten Free Call # 2
Sunday January, 21 @ 6:30 Gluten Free Call # 3
I will be hosting 3 webinars that you can listen to LIVE by either calling the phone   number and entering the Pin Code or clicking on the link that will be sent to you the week of the event so WATCH YOUR EMAIL.
The webinars will be recorded and sent to you the next day. If you are on the call live I will unmute the line and you can ask questions or type them to me live on your computer.
Download the Atlantis Gluten Free Recommendations and the Gluten Free Checklist.
It is important to chart and keep track of your progress. I will explain on our first call.
Click on the Gluten Free Tab at the top of the page.
This will be your resource throughout the challenge. You will get meal ideas, shopping lists, access to last years calls. I will also be posting anything that comes up during the calls here…
STEP 4: Optional BF 14 Day Weight Loss Program.
            After the first 2 WEEKS being Gluten Free I will be offering our New 14 Day Weight Loss Program. We will be talking much more about this on our second call and you will be receiving information on it next few weeks. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO THE OPTIONAL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM I WILL NEED TO KNOW by January 9th
SO I CAN PLACE THE ORDER FOR THEM AND HAVE THEM IN TIME. You can let us know SOON. Click below to order one.
The cost of the cleanse will be $182 for the first one and $25 off each additional one you order.
For More info on the Weight Loss Program and to purchase please click on link below.

STEP 5: Have FUN…..



30 Day Gluten Free Challenge 2018

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