Gluten Free

Why go GLUTEN FREE for 30 days….

The simple answer is that you may have more energy, less aches and pains, nicer skin, healthier immune system, less allergies and potentially lose up to 8 pounds!

The longer answer is that your overall health and longevity deserve to be healthy and it starts with one system. The central nervous system (CNS) which is the master control system for every cell in the human body. The CNS is responsible for all health, healing and performance for your entire body. You may have heard your chiropractor mention how there are three systems in the body that are incredibly connected: the nervous system, the immune system, and the digestive system. You cannot effect one without effecting the other! The health of your digestive system IMPACTS the health of your brain, and vice versa.

There is nothing more frustrating as a chiropractic patient than receiving the perfect adjustment, and ‘losing’ it soon after. There are three lifestyle stresses that may cause this:

1. Physical stress i.e. sleeping on your stomach can be a minor trauma

2. Emotional stress i.e. negative thoughts

3. Chemical stress i.e. toxins and Gluten is probably the number one toxin in our lives today!

What is involved with the 30 day GLUTEN FREE challenge…

Each participating wellness centre will customize their programs to the requests of their participants. What you can expect is: gluten free shopping lists, eating guides, tele seminar with gluten free industry leaders, weekly pre-recorded accountability calls, recipe exchange, gluten free taste test, gluten free shopping trips, progress sheets and so much more!

OK, I am in… but WHAT is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found primarily in wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten is present in breads, cereals and flour. It is also hidden in many sauces like ketchup and soy sauce because it is a very cheap and effective binding agent.

The food we eat today is not the same food that our grandparents ate 60 years ago. Most of our grains are genetically modified, sprayed with tons of toxic chemicals, and sit in silos for a year or more before being processed and brought to our table. As a result, many people’s immune system has started to recognize gluten as an antigen (foreign invader) instead of food! This can cause inflammation.

Chronic inflammation in the digestive tract breaks down the intestinal lining, preventing your body from absorbing all the possible nutrients in your food. Over time, if this process continues, your intestinal lining starts to look like swiss-cheese. When this happens, different proteins enter your bloodstream that are not supposed to be there. This triggers a huge immune response and massive inflammation throughout the body.

Over time, this will also break down your blood-brain-barrier, which is what keeps bad things out of your brain. Systemic inflammation also lowers your pain threshold (causing your body to perceive pain where it had not before).

If your blood-brain-barrier is broken down, the next step is inflammation in your brain. When the microglial cells (immune cells in your brain) are activated, they can be very difficult to turn back off. As a result, different parts of your brain become inflamed. Some symptoms related to this include: depression, anxiety, brain fog, and memory loss.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, on a molecular level, gluten looks similar to human tissue. When we chronically trigger the immune system in our digestive system by eating gluten, it is very easy for our overactive immune systems to accidentally ‘tag’ human tissue as an invader as well. If the genes that turn this process on are triggered, it is very difficult to reverse and you may have an auto-immune disease for life. The increased rate of autoimmune disease is one of the biggest problems in our health care system today.